MedjetAssist offers medical evacuation services when you travel outside of your home country. Regular travel insurance only covers medical expenses and transportation to the nearest hospital. A MedjetAssist membership entitles you to transportation all the way to a hospital at home. Members under 75 years of age may request two evacuations per year. You can also sign up for a family plan that will provide medical evacuation for all members in the case of a common accident or medical emergency.

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MedjetAssist Shopping Tips

Medjet Assist Shopping Tips Traveling with the family? When getting MedjetAssist, choose the family option instead of getting individual ones. The former option is more cost effective, and the coverage is almost the same. Get a multi-year membership to get a discount on your membership fee. Only get the membership that you need. If you are not going anywhere that’s unstable; you won’t need to get MedjetHorizon. Classic offers more than just medical air transfer. It can also help you with non-medical stuff like Legal Referrals or Emergency Message Relay, so don’t hesitate to call when you need to.